BigtimeTeez Logo T-Shirt Review

What is the best way to show support for your favorite funny t-shirt megastore?  The BigtimeTeez Logo t-shirt!

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This funny t-shirt leaves no question of where you got it.  The design is bold and has a really “notice me” gradient effect to it.  The logo covers almost the entire front of the t-shirt.  It features the BigtimeTeez mascot proudly wearing his BigtimeTeez shirt, and the bold “FUNNY T-SHIRT MEGASTORE” phrase in big, bold letters underneath.  The screen printing is by far superior to many other online t-shirt stores.

The BigtimeTeez Logo t-shirt is very comfortable.  It allows your skin to breathe even on hot summer days.  The fit of this t-shirt is incredible.  This t-shirt is true to the size chart.  You can purchase the BigtimeTeez Logo t-shirt in kids t-shirt, mens t-shirt, womens form fit t-shirt, mens v-neck, womens form fit v-neck, adult tank top, adult pullover and zip-up hoodies (tank tops and hoodies are in mens standard sizes).

The price of this funny t-shirt is just as low as the others offered by BigtimeTeez.  It starts at just $4.95 (depending on size and style options)!  If that price isn’t low enough for you, like BigtimeTeez on Facebook for many more discounts and special offers.  They very generously offer 15% off to their Facebook fans.  If you are in a hurry or do not have a Facebook, use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire order.

I recommend this t-shirt to anyone that loves to support a company as great as BigtimeTeez!  They are also very social, like them on Facebook, follow them on twitter and Instagram for more updates like new offer and new t-shirts.

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The Fall of Creativity and the Rise of the Remake

There has been a sad decline in the creativity of the horror genre.  We are seeing the fall of the creativity in original horror and the rise of the remake.  While remakes are fine every once in a while, the remake craze has become borderline ridiculous.  Everything has or is getting a “reboot” today.


I know sometimes remakes are a necessity, like when Stephen King was unhappy with Jack Nicholson in 1980’s The Shining.  When an author or producer is unhappy with the first production, it is 100% okay to remake it.  When a movie has already become  a “classic”, it is a complete cop out to “re-imagine” the film.


Rob Zombie’s reboots of Halloween were still to a point original.  He took John Carpenter’s original idea and elaborated on it with more of an incite into why Michael became a killer.


With 2009’s “remake” of Friday the 13th,  I was not completely irritated by it.  They did not really “remake” the film, but I think it should have been more of an extension of the series and not called a remake.  The vast majority of this film was original work, and the only remake aspect of it, in my opinion, was the concept.  Most of the films in this series however were based on the same concept, a group of over sexed, drunk teenagers at a camp getting massacred by a machete wielding slasher.


One that really kind of pissed me off was 2010’s remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.  While the script and cast of the film did not completely suck, the drastic change in Freddy was kind of insulting to the fans of the original.  Jackie Earle Haley was okay in the role, but he will never play Freddy like Robert Englund.  The face of Freddy Krueger has always been one of the most recognizable faces of horror and to, how do I put this delicately, butcher such an iconic look was a real slap in the face the the fans of the classic series.


2013 brought us the remake of Evil Dead.  I was fairly pleased with this one.  A lot of people are complaining about it because Bruce Campbell was not in it, but what some do not know is that Mr. Campbell was on the production team for this film.  Jane Levy was incredible in filling Campbell’s shoes.  I do look  forward to more installments of the new Evil Dead series.


One that I know many people will argue with me about is this years “extension” of  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.  While I am a huge fan of Bill Moseley, I was not a fan of this film.  I watched it once and within the first 15 minutes was already scratching my head.  Texas Chainsaw 3D was supposed to pick up where the 1973 original left off.  What I don’t understand is the complete disregard for the timeline of the events.  The original took place in the 70’s and they went with that, but  Alexandra Daddario’s character, Heather, was supposed to be the baby that was taken from the Sawyer house after the crimes were discovered which is an okay concept.  However explain to me how we go from 1973 and fast-forward 20 years, which would make it 1993, and people are driving 2011 and 2012 vehicles and using iPhones?  Okay movie magic whatever, but a little bit of date accuracy would be nice.  They should have left this franchise well enough alone.


Moral of the story is, don’t be a sellout and take the easy road of making a movie that has already been done.  If you want to impress horror fans, make an ORIGINAL movie.  I know I would much rather see a poorly produced original than a regurgitation of a classic that has already been done.  Why risk pissing off an already cult-like fan base by doing a terrible remake instead of potentially creating your own following with a new potential classic?



Kane Hodder: The Fan Favorite Jason

I recently conducted a poll to find out which actor was the better Jason Voorhees, and the results were clear.  With 71% of the vote was Kane Hodder.  As promised I am doing an article on Kane.

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Kane portrayed Voorhees in Friday the 13th part 7-Jason X.  Hodder was replaced by Ken Kirzinger for Freddy vs Jason and Derek Mears in the 2009 installment of Friday the 13th.  Hodder has openly said that he has no idea why he was replaced, and that he would love to reprise the role of one of the most notorious slashers in horror history.

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Kane was the first actor to play Jason more than once.  He was asked to play Jason in 2003’s Freddy vs Jason, but was later replaced by Kirzinger.  Hodder is also the first actor to play a slasher and a victim.  In Jason Goes To Hell, Kane is not only Jason, but he is a hospital guard and Freddy Krueger’s gloved hand at the closing sequence (which spawned the Freddy vs Jason craze).

Kane has been a professional stuntman since the 1980’s. He was severally burnt in a stunt mishap in 1980.  His arms and hands took the brunt of the damage (this is why he often times wears gloves).   He has done all of his own stunts and did stunts as Leatherface in 1990’s film Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.  For a full list of his stunt work check out his Wikipedia and IMDB pages.


Kane Hodder is an avid poker player and has competed in several celebrity poker tournaments.  He is also openly a “Juggalo” and fan of the group ICP.  He wears a custom “hatchetman” necklace with the “hatchetman” holding a machete.  He as the word “KILL!” tattooed on the inside of his lower lip.

Because of his burns, Kane spends a lot of time with children in burn units.  He is a part of a charity call “Scares that Care”.  Kane is married with two sons of his own.

He is part of a paranormal research team called Hollywood Ghost Hunters.

Kane wrote a book called “UNMASKED True Life Story of The World’s Most Prolific Cinematic Killer” .  For more information on the book, visit his official website.


I know I sure hope to see Kane reprise the role of Jason Voorhees again soon.  To me, he was the scariest Jason ever.  His natural ability to be frightening is incredible.  Maybe if enough people start letting the ones involved in the new Friday the 13th movie know who we want to see, maybe they will listen.

BigtimeTeez Hershel’s Zombie Storage Center T-Shirt Review

With season 4 of The Walking Dead coming back in October, this t-shirt inspired by the hit show is a must have.  BigtimeTeez did a great job with the Hershel’s Zombie Storage Center t-shirt by taking a serious situation inspired by the show and making something witty out of it.

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BigtimeTeez, as we all know, is the funny t-shirt meagastore and the Hershel’s Zombie Storage Center t-shirt is definitely ranked high on the funny t-shirt list for me.  The design features “Hershel’s Zombie Storage Center” across the top and below it is a picture of a barn inspired by Hershel’s barn from The Walking Dead.  The funniest thing about this design for me is the little “First Month Free” badge off to the side of the barn.  The design covers roughly 3/4 of the shirt’s front.

BigtimeTeez prints their shirts to order, so they offer more size and color options.  Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of brown, you can order your Hershel’s Zombie Storage Center t-shirt in other colors, mine is black.  You can pick up this shirt in mens t-shirt, kids t-shirt,womens form-fit t-shirt, mens v-neck, womens v-neck, adult tank top and adult pullover and zip-up hoodies.  The adult tank tops and hoodies are in mens standard sizes.  Sizing, like always, is true to the size chart.

The material of the t-shirt itself is very soft and breathable.  Much like the other t-shirts offered by BigtimeTeez, this shirt is preshrunk.  I wore this shirt on a day that was 85 and sunny and never felt overly hot, so this t-shirt is even great for summer wear.

The most impressive thing of all though is the price.  Other t-shirts inspired by The Walking Dead can be ridiculously expensive elsewhere.  The Hershel’s Zombie Storage Center t-shirt used to start at $19.99, but because of recent price cuts, it now starts at just $16.99 (depending on size and style options).  If $16.99 is not a low enough price for you, like BigtimeTeez on Facebook for more discounts and giveaways.  They were also cool enough to give me a code to share with all of you!  Use code miss15 at checkout for 15% off of your entire order.

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, I would definitely pick this one up.  Whether your favorite character is Hershel, Daryl, Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Carol, or any of the other members of Team Prison, this shirt is one of the best.


TOXICTOONS: Masks, Shirts and More

I myself am a fan of strange and original things, but where can you find strange and original mixed together?  TOXICTOONS is such a place.  You can find t-shirts, masks and more.

TOXICTOONS offers mens, womens and kids t-shirts at reasonable prices.  As a matter of fact, they are working on their first ever baseball style shirt.  It is up for order until June 30, so you better get to ordering!  This shirt is running $23 plus shipping.  They will have two new shirts in July and two new shirts in August.

If a t-shirt is not what you are in the market for, they offer plenty more awesome creations to choose from such as stickers, calendars, patches, cards and just about any other creepy thing your heart may desire.  They even have an app called MONSTERPIECES.  This cool little app only costs $2.99.  If you are a real fan, they offer the Fiend Club Kit for $25 plus shipping.  I think the coolest things they offer however are their masks.

TOXICTOONS’ Monster Masks are incredible.  They currently have five new masks for 2013.  My personal favorite is the”WEREWOLF” (pictured below).   The other four new for 2013 are “TONGUE TIED”, “CYANIDE”, “FANG”(in a new color), and “Z-EEK! FACE MASK”.  All masks that are new for 2013 are for sale starting in August.  For images, prices and full list of masks,   visit their MONSTER MASKS section.

Photo and Creative Credit: TOXICTOONS
Photo and Creative Credit: TOXICTOONS

All of TOXICTOONS Halloween merch will go on sale on September 1.  You may also want to check out the book “why are you so weird unkle pigors?  book of fan ?’s” (pictured below).

Photo Credit: TOXICTOONS
Photo Credit: TOXICTOONS


You can keep keep up to date on TOXICTOONS through Facebook and twitter.



Get to Know bleedingcritic

I have done an article on bleedingcritic previously, but this time I got the chance to do an interview with him.  For those of who that do not know much about bleedingcritic and what he is about, allow he and myself to give you a better look into his world.

Photo Credit: bleedingcritic

LBoH: First things first, your reviews and knowledge of the horror genre is incredible. What got you interested in the horror scene?

bc: “I’ve always had a passion for horror films, the definitive starting point in my memory was when I watched the film JAWS for the first time in the cinema. To experience fear and anxiety when so young must have started the addiction.”

LBoH: And how was the bleedingcritic born?

bc: “I’ve had so many bleedingjobs over the years, some infront of the television camera – Then as acting work dried up due to it’s overcrowding I started wearing a suit for work and found the office environment was soul destroying, especially if you’re a creative person. Then after experiencing 3 redundancies in 4 years, I said that’s enough – I need to do my own thing. In late 2011 I didn’t know what it was at the time. Then I noticed how frustrating I was with reading film reviews that gave everything away and then that definitive idea, thats developed into what it’s become now, just came to mind.”

LBoH: The face of bleedingcritic is with out a doubt one of the most noticable faces of the blog and twitter worlds. How did you come up with the concept for that face?

bc: “There are so many brilliant masks available to buy, but I needed to have a mask that I could Trademark, a design that is unique, a one off that I own. I had many ideas about the mask and when I met with oscar and bafta award winner Mark Coulier from Coulier Creatures FX, I knew he and his team would deliver. It was an instinctive decision for me. After my brief they created my bleedingface, and I’ll never forget the wonderful moment I arrived at their workshop to collect.”

LboH: How did you come up with the name “bleedingcritic”?

bc: “I wanted to create a name that was consistent with the website, – because the site was first.”

LBoH: Can you remember the first review that you did? If so, what film was it for?

bc: “I bleedingthink it was ‘The Mist’.”

LBoH: How long have you been reviewing movies?

bc: “The bleeding started in October 2011”

LBoH: I love that your reviews are spoiler-free, is it hard for you to make a review without giving the movie away?

bc: “Before I started my first film review, I thought about how I am when I talk about films to friends that haven’t seen the film I’m talking about. So that’s the foundation for me, I can easily discuss any film without disclosing the thread of its story.”

LBoH: What do you look for in a quality horror film?

bc: “I have to watch every film I choose with an open mind, and just let it flow over me, just like a bleeding shower. I look for that feeling of ‘I haven’t seen this before’, OR…I’ve seen this done before, but this time the work has it’s own individual take on it’. A quality horror film is a combination of all different pieces of the creative puzzle fitting together in perfection. The Exorcist is classic example of this and  ‘Martyrs’ is an example of finding a film that’s totally original, which is rare.”

LBoH: Your short story series “Horror Medication” is by far one of the best on the internet.  How do you come up with such brilliant material for it?

bc: “bleedingthanks for the compliment. Some of the filming is improvised, I just think of the story and film it, and see how it turns out. Now to save time I write all the stories so my waffling and repeating is removed. All my stories  are influenced by real life experiences or revenge on people I have known, or read about that will never receive the justice they deserve. I have a real hatred of domestic violence, hence my horror medication story called Bottle. I also have a twisted and imaginative way of creating scinareos that spiral from calm into bleeding horrorific endings. Derek and the Dream Catchers shop idea I created a long time ago. I originally had the idea to help children sleep – and make them empowered to cope with bad dreams. But then I wanted to bring it into the horrormedication series to test peoples reaction, which has been positive.”

LBoH: bleedingjack is an amazing addition to your videos. Can you tell us a bit about him?

bc: “Yeah, I was taken by some friend to one of these ‘Vintage’ wearhouses where everything seems a little overpriced and then I spotted this Jack in a box and the idea to have him as my assistant just came to me straight away. I can’t tell you how much I paid for him because if he reads this he might eat me.”

LBoH: You do an incredible job keeping in contact with your #bleedingfamily, but as the family grows, do you find it harder to maintain contact with them?

bc: “One thing I notice with some current celebrities is that they think their too important to communicate with the very people that put them where they are. I’m bleedingloyal and I will always interact with my fans, #bleedingfamily, because they give me honest feedback.”

LBoH: Many others and myself are looking forward to more reviews and more doses of Horror Medication. What can we look for in the future from bleedingcritic?

bc: “I had meeting with a radio producer in May last year, I played my bleedingradio idea demo..they understood what I was trying to achieve. I had bleedinganticipation simmering for over three months, then unfortunately they had limited funds and nothing became of it. I have had meetings and ongoing communication with a Television Channel since last November, so fingers crossed that might start soon, but in this media world you can’t rely on whatever anyone says until it actually does happen. Right now I’m filming each of my reviews so people have a choice to read or watch me. I have some ideas for the horrormedication series but I need to get the content I’ve created already out there to more people. With me I’m the total creative horror package and I’ve never been happier being bleedingcritic. I know what I’ve created is growing into something big, However, I just need that someone, in the right position, that recognizes the potencial for what I’m doing and opens that door to my bleedingsuccess across all media.”

Be sure to keep up to date on all bleedingcritic info by following him on twitter and signing up for updates at


BigtimeTeez Review: “Stairway To Seven Pittsburgh” T-shirt

With football season only a couple months away,  it is time to start picking up awesome t-shirts for this coming season.  I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and I know I’d love to see them climb the stairway to seven.  I have recently received the BigtimeTeez “Stairway To Seven Pittsburgh” t-shirt and I absolutely love it!

Photo Credit: BigtimeTeez
Photo Credit: BigtimeTeez

Much like the problem us ladies run into with band,movie and TV show inspired shirts, sports shirts are always really girl right?  Not anymore!  BigtimeTeez has brought us this amazing Pittsburgh Steelers inspired shirt that can be worn by men and women alike.  The “Stairway To Seven Pittsburgh” t-shirt is offered in the same sizes and styles that BigtimeTeez offers all of their shirts in.  It can be purchased in kids, men and womens sizes.  It is offered in kids t-shirt, mens standard t-shirt, womens form fit, mens v-neck, womens v-neck, adult tanktop, and adult pullover and zip-up hoodie.  You can also order this shirt in other colors than just black.

The sizing, just like all of BigtimeTeez other funny t-shirts, is very accurate to the size chart.  I recommend reading the size chart before placing an order so you are positive you are getting the size you need.

The “Stairway to Seven Pittsburght-shirt is not just awesome to wear and look at, but it is also really affordable.  This awesome t-shirt starts at only $16.99 now, depending on size and color options,  because of a recent price cut.

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook for more discounts and chances to score some awesome free t-shirts!  If there isn’t a current discount available, use code miss15 for 15% off of your entire order.

I highly recommend this t-shirt to any fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  You won’t be sorry for ordering it!

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Rotten Cotton: More Than Badass T-Shirts


Many of you may have heard of the company ROTTEN COTTON, but did you know they are more than just badass t-shirts?  They also have a project called Black Devil Doll that they are working on.

First things first, let’s talk about the t-shirts.  Every horror/exploitation fan loves to find that one shirt of their favorite movie that really says “this movie is badass and so is this shirt“, but going to the mall you’re only going to find what is deemed to be “safe”.  ROTTEN COTTON carries original shirts that the mall wouldn’t dream of selling.  They offer everything from cult horror classics to shirts with Norman Reedus‘ face on them.

ROTTEN COTTON caters to men and women.  Most of the shirts that are made for women that you would find at your local mall are way too cutesy or imply that you are married to a fictional character.  I know that when I’m looking for a horror related shirt, I do not want butterflies or to be anyone’s Mrs.  Ladies, never fear, ROTTEN COTTON is here to save the day.

Now that we have discussed the vast array of awesome that is their clothing,  let’s move on to Black Devil Doll.

Photo Credit:

If you are into raunchy horror, Black Devil Doll will definitely become one of your favorites.  It is in the style of the 80’s TV sitcoms.  There are 6 parts, each 30 minuets long, which means 3 hours of raunchtastic funny horror.  Black Devil Doll is brought to you by the really messed up,yet awesome, minds of Shawn Lewis, Mitchell Boone, John Osteen, and Jonathan “Louis” Lewis.

These guys may be a bunch of badasses, but they need your help in continuing the Black Devil Doll series.  The latest installment to the Black Devil Doll series is “There Goes Da Neighba’hood.”  Help fund this project on  You can do this by clicking on where it says “” or do it the hard way and do a bunch of typing.  Either way you choose to do it, there is 41 days left to help fund this project.  Simply choose a donation amount on the right hand side of the screen and help out.  It won’t be in vain because not only are you helping an awesome project, but you will also be rewarded with other cool stuff.

In review, ROTTEN COTTON offers you awesome t-shirts and awesome entertainment.  So, go pick up some shirts and help fund the future of raunchy, campy horror.

The ABCs of Death: Partial Review


All of my reviews thus far have been positive, but that’s about to change with this partial review of The ABCs of Death.  This is only going to be a partial review because I could only stand to watch the first eight segments.  That’s right, segments.

The ABCs of Death is nothing more than a cheap ripoff of the TV show 1000 Ways To Die but in alphabetic order and less believable ways.  I will give it to the people that came up with the various stories for this movie, some of them are creative.

The ABCs of Death was brought to us by 26 different directors, one for each letter of the alphabet.  This made the movie even more hard to understand.  Spoiler alert, only a few of the stories are in English.  Most of it is in Spanish and Japanese without subtitles.  I would highly recommend turning the subtitles on on the device you are watching it.

Many of the segments make zero sense whatsoever.  Each has a title and a way to die, and they tell you after the segment is over what the letter stood for.  Only 2 of the ones I saw coincided with the name the segment was given.  Most of them were centered around sex, so it was not much more than softcore porn where people die.  This film may have has some promise if, 1. there was only one director, 2. The stories were in one cohesive language, and 3. the ways to die were more believable.

I know many people out there like these bazaar, off the wall style movies, and I’m usually one of them, but The ABCs of Death just didn’t do it for me.  You can see it if you like, but I do not advise any buying it before watching it.  It is available on Netflix.  Watch it there first and make your decision.  Remember to have the subtitles turned on and I hope you can stand to watch more than I could.  I am only going to include one spoiler.  In case you get lost while watching the film or are just curious here is the Wikipedia page for the segments in The ABCs of Death.

Zombie with a Shotgun Review


I recently watched a short called Zombie with a Shotgun it can be viewed online.  There are currently four episodes available and the average run time is 4-5 minutes.  The shorts were created and produced by Hilton Ariel Ruiz and co-produced by Kirk Goodall.

Zombie with a Shotgun stars Braeden Baade as the protective and tough Aaron who is not yet sure what his future holds and Lynnea Molone as Aaron’s innocent and vulnerable girlfriend, Rachel.  You also see one certain zombie a lot who is played by Sammy Mena.  The script was well written and the acting is very convincing.

The setting is very dark and fits well with the story.  It appears to be an old warehouse and fits perfectly with a story that chronicles a mans transformation into the undead.  The music, by David Bateman, makes the setting even better with it’s eery sound.

The makeup, done by Karen Michele, is very creative and convincing.  The makeup that Karen did on Braede Baade (Aaron) was fantastic.  With  each episode, Aaron’s makeup changes gradually, much like a person’s appearance would if they were turning into a zombie.  The makeup on the zombie (Sammy Mena) is definitely grotesque and ranks pretty high on the list of zombie makeups that I have seen in the past few months.

All in all I would say that Zombie with a Shotgun is a solid indie piece and has a lot of potential to become very successful.  I will definitely continue to watch the upcoming episodes.  To keep up to date on all Zombie with a shotgun, follow the official twitter page.