BigtimeTeez Review: I Shih-Tzu Not T-Shirt


ShihTzu-450x450There is no secret that funny t-shirts and go together like peas and carrots. Their “I Shih-Tzu Not” t-shirt further proves this statement. If you’re into witty plays on pre-existing words or dog breeds, this t-shirt is for you.

I have worn the “I Shih-Tzu Not T-Shirt” a couple of times and have been asked repeatedly where I got it. This funny t-shirt is definitely an attention grabber. The design is large and takes up pretty much the entire front of the t-shirt. The puppy on the t-shirt gives it a feminine look, but the joke makes it perfect for guys and girls. The screen printing is flawless with no cracks or signs of peeling.

The quality of the t-shirt itself is amazing. The material is soft and breathable making it DSCF0572perfect for any season. This funny t-shirt is available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes. Another thing I love about the “I Shih-Tzu Not T-Shirt” is that it is available in a very wide array of colors. This t-shirt is also preshrunk, and unlike most occasions, this one really is. I have washed and dried it a couple of times now and there has been no change in the size or the shape. This funny t-shirt also holds it’s shape and does not stretch while it is being worn.

This awesome t-shirt starts at only $14.95 (depending on size and style). I have seen similar t-shirts sell for way more at the mall. If this is still too high for you, use discount code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase.

For new design alerts, more discounts and daily chances to win funny t-shirts, like BigtimeTeez of Facebook and follow them on twitter and Instagram (@bigtimeteez).


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