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Playster Streaming Service Review


In the age of technology, everyone is viewing movies, listening to music and reading books all online. Services like Netflix only offer movies, but the new service Playster offers all of the above in one convenient location for a reasonable monthly rate.

Playster is simple to use and offers a fantastic selection, and no matter what genre you are into, they have something you’re sure to love. They offer one of the broadest collections of movies, music, books and PC games I have ever seen.

How much will a service like this run you? It is $24.95 a month, but you get your first 30 days free. This is a pretty reasonable price when you consider most streaming sites that offer only movies are $10 a month or more, and the price of books in-store are enough to make you think twice.

Horror fans, they have an incredible selection of horror movies and are taking place in ‘Shocktober’. Playster would make for a great Halloween treat for yourself, a friend or a family member.

I highly recommend Playster to all of you that love movies, music and books but you don’t love the price tag that comes along with purchasing them. Give them a shot, you get 30 days free, why not?

BigtimeTeez Review: Mount Scaremore T-Shirt

Spring 2015-990x357Looking for a parody tourist shirt inspired by some of your favorite slashers? Look no further, say hello to the Mount Scaremore T-Shirt from BigtimeTeez

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The Mount Scaremore T-Shirt is available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes. Not only is it available in cuts for all genders and ages, but it is also offered in the largest selection of sizes, small-5XL. This funny t-shirt design is printed on a 100% preshrunk, cotton t-shirt. The material is breathable and very soft to the touch. I have washed and dried this shirt a couple of times, and there has been no shrinkage and it has retained its shape. It is not overly clingy, but it is form fitting. Even though the material is quite form fitting, it is still very breathable.

The screen printing on this funny t-shirt is fantastic. Nobody wants to spend money on a t-shirt only to have the design peel off after just a couple of times through the washer. I have purchased t-shirts online that have come with cracks in the design already that aren’t supposed to be there. With the Mount Scaremore t-shirt and any other t-shirt I have received from BigtimeTeez, there are never any cracks or peeling edges.  

This funny t-shirt starts at only $14.95. Compared to mall prices for similar t-shirts of lower quality, this is a very good deal. Right now, if you spend $50 or more, shipping will be free. If $14.95 is still too high, use discount code MISSTEN (all caps) at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase.

For all your funny t-shirt needs, be sure to visit For new design alerts, daily deals and chances to win awesome merch, like the BigtimeTeez Facebook page and follow them on twitter and Instagram, @bigtimeteez.

Product Review: An American Werewolf In London “Slaughtered Lamb” Pub Signs

I previously announced the birth of the Slaughtered Lamb Pub Signs inspired by the pub sign in An American Werewolf In London by artist Jon Smith. He was kind enough to send me one to review for you guys. These signs really are amazing to say the very least.

Each of the signs are signed and numbered by hand. They measure an impressive 17″ by 23″ on 1/2″ plywood. The signs are screen printed with 6 colors including metallic gold and silver. They are printed on both sides. The colors are fantastic. The metallic really jumps off of the dark back ground. There is a subtle glitter to the moon and the face of the werewolf. Each selected color compliments each other beautifully. The flip side of the sign is black with just “keep off the moors” written across it in a blood red color. 

The artwork is phenomenal. They are just like the pub signs in the film with one change that I think only made them better. The basic wolf head featured on the sign in the film has been replaced by a replica of the werewolf’s head. This only adds to the overall appeal of the sign, making it more of a must have for fans of An American Werewolf In London.

The craftsmanship of the signs is out of this world. Jon drilled, carved and sanded each piece himself. The edges are smooth and there are no patches that feel rough across the front or the back. He is even kind enough to give you the hooks to hang it with, which are high quality and do not at all feel flimsy.

Jon is selling these amazing signs for only $100. Not a bad deal for a limited edition print that is no only incredible, but is printed on wood instead of paper insuring it will last longer. Not to mention, if you have a bar in your home, how awesome would it be to have this piece hanging on display?

Overall, I have ti recommend these signs to any horror art collector. They are beautiful, durable and unique. My only complaint would be that they are limited to only 50, so if you want one of these bad boys for your collection, you better jump on it. You can purchase these signs along with more of Jon’s amazing work at

I was gifted number 13 of 50 and below is a short gallery of the piece. Pictures really do not do it justice, you have to see these signs in person to really see how fantastic they are.

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Product Review: Ninkasi Brewing Company’s ‘Dawn of the Red’


Welcome to my first ever beer review. When I received an email from Ninkasi Brewing Company about reviewing one of their specialty beers, of course I was on board. As of January 2014, Ninkasi has re-released their India-Style Red Ale, Dawn of the Red.

Let’s start with a bit of overview on Ninkasi Brewing Company.

Ninkasi Brewing Company was started in June of 2006 by Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge. It all began with a single IPA, Total Domination IPA, in a space leased inside of a German restaurant in Springfield, Oregon. The company soon became a 15 barrel brew house set up for brewpub brewing. In 2007, the operation moved into their current location at 272 Van Buren Street in the Whiteaker neighborhood of Eugene, Oregon. The brewing company now features a 50 barrel brewing system that distributes beer throughout the west coast. Not only does Nanksai produce some pretty phenomenal beer, they are also very involved in their community by working with non-profit organizations, positive community gatherings and sporting events. 

Dawn of the Red:

  • India-Style Red Ale
  • 7.0% Alcohol by volume

My first impression of Dawn of the Red was that once poured, it looked similar to a hard cider. It is light in color with a mild foam that sticks to the glass. This beer does not have that overbearing, blah beer smell that most other domestic brews give off. Caramel malts and citrus hops mix well together to give this IPA a smooth, almost a fruity scent. 

The taste is best compared to that of Sierra Nevada with a smooth sweetness followed by a mild bitterness. This is a very well balanced mixture. Dawn of the Red is one of the smoothest IPAs I have ever tasted. Don’t let the smoothness fool you though, this is a strong ale. If you are not a fan of a true IPA or strong ales, this may not be the beer for you, but I personally loved it. I highly recommend Dawn of the Red to any fan of a nicely brewed, strong IPA.

If the taste alone is not enough to entice you to try it, let’s talk about how awesome the label and the name is. I mean come on, any horror or zombie fan can appreciate a great beer that is named after one of the most iconic films in horror cinema history. The artwork on the label is a mondo style that mixes heavy metal with a zombie reference that anyone can decipher. The colors are dark and somewhat muted, but the design as a whole is very eye catching.

Final scores: out of 10

  •  Taste: 10 
  • Smell: 10
  • Smoothness: 10
  • Color: 10
  • Mix: 10
  • Label: 10

If you are on the west coast and are able to go out and pick up a 6-pack of Dawn of the Dead, I strongly encourage you do so (if, of course you are of legal drinking age). Don’t worry east coasters, you can pick up Dawn of the Red at

Below are pictures that I took to show you just how awesome this IPA is.

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If you are in the Eugene, Oregon area, Ninkasi Brewong Company is hosting a pub crawl to help promote the Dawn of the Red IPA.


Be sure to like the Ninkasi Brewing Company Facebook Page, follow them on twitter (@NinkasiBrewing) for more information on the Pub Crawl, new brews and other special events.

*This is a sponsored review, but all opinions are 100% true and all me own. Little Blog of Horror and Ninkasi Brewing Company do not condone underage drinking. Please enjoy Dawn of the Red and any other alcoholic beverage responsibly.* 

BigtimeTeez Review: I Shih-Tzu Not T-Shirt


ShihTzu-450x450There is no secret that funny t-shirts and go together like peas and carrots. Their “I Shih-Tzu Not” t-shirt further proves this statement. If you’re into witty plays on pre-existing words or dog breeds, this t-shirt is for you.

I have worn the “I Shih-Tzu Not T-Shirt” a couple of times and have been asked repeatedly where I got it. This funny t-shirt is definitely an attention grabber. The design is large and takes up pretty much the entire front of the t-shirt. The puppy on the t-shirt gives it a feminine look, but the joke makes it perfect for guys and girls. The screen printing is flawless with no cracks or signs of peeling.

The quality of the t-shirt itself is amazing. The material is soft and breathable making it DSCF0572perfect for any season. This funny t-shirt is available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes. Another thing I love about the “I Shih-Tzu Not T-Shirt” is that it is available in a very wide array of colors. This t-shirt is also preshrunk, and unlike most occasions, this one really is. I have washed and dried it a couple of times now and there has been no change in the size or the shape. This funny t-shirt also holds it’s shape and does not stretch while it is being worn.

This awesome t-shirt starts at only $14.95 (depending on size and style). I have seen similar t-shirts sell for way more at the mall. If this is still too high for you, use discount code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase.

For new design alerts, more discounts and daily chances to win funny t-shirts, like BigtimeTeez of Facebook and follow them on twitter and Instagram (@bigtimeteez).


BigtimeTeez Review: The Hardest Part Of A Zombie Apocalypse Hat


Zombie-Apocalypse-340x340I normally review t-shirts from BigtimeTeez, but today I’m going to do something a little different and review a hat. They are known predominantly for their funny t-shirts, but have since moved into hats. A little while back I reviewed “The Hardest Part Of A Zombie Apocalypse t-shirt”, but the same slogan is now available in the “The Hardest Part Of A Zombie Apocalypse Hat”.

This hat is a trucker style hat, and it is available in black with a white front, kelly green with a white front, neon green and neon pink. The one I received is neon green. It is definitely eye catching. The black printing contrasts very nicely on the bright green, almost highlighter DSCF0351yellow, hat. The design takes up the entire front of the hat. The screen printing is fantastic. There are no cracks or peeling edges.

I am typically not a hat person and when I do find a hat I like, it is hard to find one that fits. The “The Hardest Part Of A Zombie Apocalypse Hat” is sized to fit most adults and adjusts from 17″ to 24″, and it fits me perfectly. If it fits me, it will fit most adults with a smaller head and possibly some older children.

Hats can be relatively expensive, but the “The Hardest Part Of A Zombie Apocalypse Hat” is just $14.95. If that is still too high, use discount code miss15 at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase.

For more funny t-shirts and hats, checkout, follow BigtimeTeez on twitter and like them on Facebook.

Product Review: Canvas Champ 12″x8″ Print & Giveaway 10″x8″ Custom Canvas


I was contacted by a printing company called Canvas Champ to review one of their 12″x8″ prints. I have reviewed canvas prints on here before, but the print from Canvas Champ is far superior to the previous one.

DSCF0261The first thing about this canvas that I would like to mention is the HD quality of the photo. There is no distortion of the image or discoloration like I have had happen with other prints I have ordered from other companies. The image remains 100% true to it’s original form. There is also a very nice gloss to the print giving it more of a regular photo appearance while still having the more artistic appeal of a canvas.

The craftsmanship of the frame is phenomenal. Many DSCF0262other companies will just stretch a canvas over a frame made of 4 pieces of wood, and leave the back open making it more susceptible to tearing. Canvas Champ prints have an extra piece of wood behind the print making the entire frame more sturdy and it also helps keep the canvas pulled tighter to prevent rippling in the print. The small bracket in the back is made of quality metal and is securely fastened to the back of the frame. The print is securely stapled to the frame with no slack in the picture.


With such great quality, one would assume that the price is outrageous, but it is not by any means. A 12″x8″ print from Canvas Champ is only $16.79. When compared to similar companies, that is well over 50% off of their prices. Canvas Champ prints start at just $10 and run to just $3o. Print sizes range from 8″x8″ to 30″x20″ and custom sizes are also available. I think those are more than fair prices. Processing and shipping can take forever on a canvas print, but Canvas Champ’s processing and shipping time is quite speedy. Shipping only took about 2-3 days via UPS.

DSCF0264The print hangs flush with the wall. There are no gaps between the canvas frame and the wall like what tends to happen with a regular picture frame. This gives a much cleaner, secure way to hang your photography or art. They are even nice enough to include a screw for you to hang it with, so there is no guessing on what size you need to hang your print.

Their ordering process is also very simple and they offer many different ways to upload your print. You can upload from your computer, Facebook or Instagram. This makes preserving images from your social networking sites way easier and more sophisticated.

I highly recommend Canvas Champ’s prints to anyone that is looking to use their own photography to decorate their space and are interested in something a little more exciting than an average photo paper print.

For more information on Canvas Champ like them on Facebook, follow them on twitter and visit

Canvas Champ has been kind enough to offer a giveaway to the readers of Little Blog of Horror. The prize will be a 10″x8″ custom canvas print of a photo of your choosing. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winner will be selected via a random drawing in 7 days.


Eternal Girl Alice In Wonderland Collection: Vintage Key Necklace Review


il_570xN.536931892_6bicEvery once in a while I get the opportunity to review some pretty amazing things. Etsy shop owner, Julia Toussaint aka Eternal Girl, asked me to review one of her gorgeous henna inspired necklaces.CYMERA_20140328_121410

I chose the “Vintage Key” design from her Alice In Wonderland Collection. The design is hand drawn and very unique looking. The overall design of the necklace is beautifully unique. The best way I can describe it is almost like an old, Victorian mirror.

The length of the chain is perfect. I have the 18″ chain. If you like a bit of a longer chain, 24″ chain option is available. It is comfortable to wear. The chain does not chafe or CYMERA_20140328_121335scratch the skin, and pendant may be a little large, but it is not at all heavy. The materials used are all great quality.

The price is fantastic for such a unique looking necklace. At only $17.oo. Shipping was fast. Eternal Girl does ship worldwide. The products are securely packaged for shipping, and inside the

Photo Credit: Eternal Girl Etsy Shop

package, the necklace is packaged nicely in a handmade paper box. I love that little touch, it adds to the uniqueness and handcrafted feel of the product.

The Eternal Girl shop is definitely one of my new favorite Etsy shops. I highly recommend her products to anyone that likes unique, vintage looking henna inspired jewelry.

Be sure to like Eternal Girl on Facebook for more information and new designs.


Manhattan Killer Hockey Mask from Crimson Mask Studios


DSCF9353Every ‘Friday the 13th’ Fanatic dreams of owning their favorite Jason Voorhees Masks from the Franchise. So while browsing the net one day, looking for THE BEST versions of the masks I could find, I came across your typical/popular finds, the ones you see in stores around Halloween, the ones on Amazon and what not. None of which were very appealing when it comes to being  a ‘replica mask’, though some were actually branded “Replica” and looked NOTHING like what you see in the films. I wanted something that was as close to the on-screen appearance of the mask as it could get.

So as my search continued, through Instagram (@crimson_mask_studios) and DSCF9351Facebook, I discovered Crimson Mask Studios, an independent company out of Chicago, IL. run by a Die-Hard Horror Fan by the name of Collin X. As I browsed through pictures of his masks, I was absolutely AMAZED at what I had found. Finally, someone who created these masks with 110% Dedication and detail. Collin works hard day and night to bring the best in not only Jason Masks, but Latex Masks, Props, and more. His work on the Jason Hockey Masks is absolutely amazing. The detail and look of his masks are as close to screen accurate as it gets.

DSCF9352Being a HUGE Fan of Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees, I was looking for a Part 8 – ‘Jason Takes Manhattan Mask‘. I immediately messaged Collin asking about one. He promptly responded to my email and was ready to get to work on my mask ASAP. As he got the process started on creating this mask, he posted pictures of the process, and kept in touch with me as he progressed. As the mask got closer to completion I could not wait for it to arrive. The pictures looked amazing, as if the mask had come straight out of the movie.

When Collin shipped the mask, he provided me with a picture of the box and tracking info. Upon it’s arrival I opened the package, DSCF9355which was very safely protected by plenty of plastic and paper to ensure it would not be damaged during shipment.  As I revealed this awesome piece of work. The mask was more that I imagined, and I was in awe at how detailed and screen accurate it looked. I could not be more satisfied.

DSCF9354This Manhattan Killer Hockey Mask is priced at $95.00 + Shipping, and is worth every bit. You cannot put a price on owning such a iconic piece of this franchise. It is a resin copy, hand painted, made with high quality fiberglass, and comes with leather straps. Pick this mask up, it will not disappoint.

All in all, Crimson Mask Studios does some of the best work you will find. Keep in mind that it is run solely by Collin X and may take a few weeks longer than usual (2-4 Weeks to be exact), he hand crafts each and every mask with the highest quality.  So head on over to Crimson Mask Studios and check out the Horror Masterpieces of Collin X.

Written by Jason Thomas (Jason Michael Voorhees)

BigtimeTeez Review: St. Patrick’s Day Edition: “Stop Staring At My Shamrocks” T-Shirt


Shamrocks-400x400Top of the mornin’ to ya! St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, and everyone should have the perfect funny t-shirt from BigtimeTeez to keep the leprechauns from pinching. The first review in the BigtimeTeez St.Patrick’s Day series is the “Stop Staring At My Shamrocks” t-shirt.

The design of this awesome funny t-shirt is simple yet very eye catching, I mean come on look at the shamrock placement. I absolutely love this design. It is medium in size, covering the chest, obviously. The placement is perfect, the design elements all lay in the proper places without crinkling or creasing. The screen printing is flawless with no sign of cracking or peeling.

The “Stop Staring At My Shamrocks” t-shirt is comfortable and fits perfectly. This funny DSCF9175t-shirt is preshrunk, and unlike other companies that claim to offer preshrunk t-shirts, this one really is. I have washed and dried this t-shirt a couple of times and it has not shrunk or lost its shape. The quality of the t-shirt is phenomenal. The stitching is clean and neat, there are no holes in the armpit area (even after washing and drying).

The price of this funny t-shirt from BigtimeTeez is more than fair. It starts at only $14.95 (depending of size and style options). If that is still too high for you, use discount code miss15 for 15% off your order. BigtimeTeez also offers free shipping on US orders of $50 or more.

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (Facebook fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter and Instagram (@bigtimeteez) for new design alerts, exclusive offers and daily chances to win awesome funny t-shirts.

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