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T-shirt Pre-Order


DSCF9854Little Blog of Horror has teamed up with BigtimeTeez to bring you the “Horror Isn’t Just For The Guys”and the “Sons of Voorhees” t-shirts! We previously offered a pre-order via teespring, but the way they had everything set up and the goal that was needed in such a short time was a bit ridiculous. Having the fantastic relationship that we have with BigtimeTeez and knowing the great quality of their t-shirts, it only made sense to go with them.
A bit of information on the new t-shirt:

  • Both designs printed on black t-shirts
  • Both designs available in men’s and woman’s sizes
  • Women’s sizes Small-2X-Large
  • Men’s sizes Small-5X-Large
  • Woman’s pricing: Small-X-Large $15 and 2XL $17
  • Men’s pricing: Small-X-Large $15, 2X-Large-3X-Large $17, 4X-Large $18 and 5X-Large $19
  • US shipping- $3 
  • International shipping $5

DSCF9726How to pre-order: 

  • Email first and last name, design choice(s), gender style choice(s), size(s), quantity and paypal email addressto littleblogofhorror@yahoo.com
  • Once pre-orders are collected, we will invoice you via paypal (if you do not have a paypal account, be sure to note that in the email and before we turn orders in, we will email you our paypal email and you may use debit or credit card).

If you have already pre-orderes via the old paypal buttons, don’t worry, I have noted your order and you are marked as paid.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to email me at littleblogofhorror@yahoo.com



Is Jason Voorhees Hitting The Small Screen In A New TV Series?


Fans of the Friday the 13th franchise have been asking the question, will Jason make his small screen debut? Well, the answer to that question is yes.

A familiar face to the Friday the 13th franchise will be joining the list of executive producers. The producer of the original 1980 Friday the 13th film, Sean S. Cunningham.


Sean Cunningham

Yes there has already been a Friday the 13th TV series. Paramount ran the series from 1987-1990, but Jason Voorhees had nothing to do with that series. This new series promises to be full of everyone’s favorite slasher. Characters from past roles will be forced to confront the return of the machete wielding, teenage butchering madman. There will also be more secrets revealed about Jason and his family.

Cunningham first hinted at a series last year, but he felt it would be more of a web series. It is still unclear as to whether the new series will be released as a web series or TV series, but fans will get hour long episodes.

Special effects appear to be a top priority for this new series. It has been revealed that Roy Knyrim, known for his work on the Wishmaster films, has been hired as head of special make-up effects.


Original Friday the 13th Series

One of the biggest questions has yet to be answered. Who will dawn the mask? Every Friday the 13th fan has their favorite Jason. My personal favorite is Kane Hodder. There have been no hints dropped about whether or not they are already considering someone or if it will be someone that has already played Jason. Only time will tell.

Adding this to the news of a found footage style film set to hit the big screen in 2015, Jason has his work cut out for him. The next couple of years will be a lot to celebrate if you are a fan of the iconic franchise.

FEARNET’s Sweet 16 “Monster Madness Bracket


FEARNET has just launched its “Monster Madness” Facebook Bracket, featuring 16 Classic Genre Icons pitted against Modern Favorites. We thought your readers would enjoy playing along with this sinister sixteen! Who needs basketball, right? We encourage you to check it out, participate and share with your friends. We’ve attached some images you can use as well.

You can play along here: http://on.fearnet.com/1meDuju


Here’s more about it…. FEARNET is putting a wicked twist on March Madness, unleashing a sinister sixteen “Monster Madness” interactive Facebook bracket to coincide with the NCAA’s Sweet 16. The tournament of terror is refereed by the Crypt Keeper, and will pit a roster of classic genre icons and modern favorites against each other, as fans vote to decide who will make the final cut. First-round matches feature Pumpkinhead vs. Pyramid Head (SILENT HILL); Chucky vs. Leprechaun; Gremlins vs. Critters; Reagan (THE EXORCIST) vs. Mia (EVIL DEAD); Alcide (TRUE BLOOD) vs. David (AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON); Bela Lugosi’s Dracula vs. Max Schreck’s Nosferatu; Freddy Krueger vs. Michael Myers; and Jason Voorhees vs. Ghost Face (SCREAM).

Manhattan Killer Hockey Mask from Crimson Mask Studios


DSCF9353Every ‘Friday the 13th’ Fanatic dreams of owning their favorite Jason Voorhees Masks from the Franchise. So while browsing the net one day, looking for THE BEST versions of the masks I could find, I came across your typical/popular finds, the ones you see in stores around Halloween, the ones on Amazon and what not. None of which were very appealing when it comes to being  a ‘replica mask’, though some were actually branded “Replica” and looked NOTHING like what you see in the films. I wanted something that was as close to the on-screen appearance of the mask as it could get.

So as my search continued, through Instagram (@crimson_mask_studios) and DSCF9351Facebook, I discovered Crimson Mask Studios, an independent company out of Chicago, IL. run by a Die-Hard Horror Fan by the name of Collin X. As I browsed through pictures of his masks, I was absolutely AMAZED at what I had found. Finally, someone who created these masks with 110% Dedication and detail. Collin works hard day and night to bring the best in not only Jason Masks, but Latex Masks, Props, and more. His work on the Jason Hockey Masks is absolutely amazing. The detail and look of his masks are as close to screen accurate as it gets.

DSCF9352Being a HUGE Fan of Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees, I was looking for a Part 8 – ‘Jason Takes Manhattan Mask‘. I immediately messaged Collin asking about one. He promptly responded to my email and was ready to get to work on my mask ASAP. As he got the process started on creating this mask, he posted pictures of the process, and kept in touch with me as he progressed. As the mask got closer to completion I could not wait for it to arrive. The pictures looked amazing, as if the mask had come straight out of the movie.

When Collin shipped the mask, he provided me with a picture of the box and tracking info. Upon it’s arrival I opened the package, DSCF9355which was very safely protected by plenty of plastic and paper to ensure it would not be damaged during shipment.  As I revealed this awesome piece of work. The mask was more that I imagined, and I was in awe at how detailed and screen accurate it looked. I could not be more satisfied.

DSCF9354This Manhattan Killer Hockey Mask is priced at $95.00 + Shipping, and is worth every bit. You cannot put a price on owning such a iconic piece of this franchise. It is a resin copy, hand painted, made with high quality fiberglass, and comes with leather straps. Pick this mask up, it will not disappoint.

All in all, Crimson Mask Studios does some of the best work you will find. Keep in mind that it is run solely by Collin X and may take a few weeks longer than usual (2-4 Weeks to be exact), he hand crafts each and every mask with the highest quality.  So head on over to Crimson Mask Studios and check out the Horror Masterpieces of Collin X.

Written by Jason Thomas (Jason Michael Voorhees)

BigtimeTeez Review: WWJD? (What Would Jason Do?) T-Shirt


Price: Starting at $14.95

Gender: Men’s, women’s and kid’s size

Styles: T-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, Men’s long sleeve, Adult tank top, Adult pullover and zipper hoodies

Sizes: Small-5 XL

Color: Available in various colors

Design color: White


BigtimeTeez is known for their funny t-shirts inspired by some of pop culture’s most popular characters, shows and movies. Today’s review is of a ‘Friday the 13th’ inspired t-shirt, the “WWJD?’ (What Would Jason Do?) t-shirt.

WWJD t-shirts have been around for a long while now, and they traditionally have a religious connection. I have seen many WWJD T-Shirt-400x400different variations of this t-shirt. BigtimeTeez has come up with a very cleaver version of this design. The design of the “WWJD” (What Would Jason Do?) t-shirt is small to medium in size, sprawling across the center of the chest. The screen printing is flawless with no cracks or peeling. The design stretches with the t-shirt and does not crease or bunch during wear.

This t-shirt, like the other funny t-shirts offered by BigtimeTeez, is 100% pre shrunk. The “WWJD?” t-shirt is very comfortable, and would be perfect for any season in my opinion. I know this is a problem that primarily plagues the female population, but I’m sure some men struggle with the same thing, it does not lose shape or stretch out and DSCF9239become loose while it’s being worn.

As mentioned above, this funny t-shirt starts at only $14.95 depending on size and style options. If that is too high for you, use promo code miss15 for 15% off your entire order. Bigtimeteez also offers free shipping on US orders of $50 or more.

Be sure to like BigtimeTeez on Facebook (fans get 15% off) and follow them on twitter and Instagram (@bigtimeteez) for more exclusive offers, new design alerts, $9.99 (sometimes $5.99) t-shirt of the day and daily chances to win t-shirts.

Product Review: Horror Warehouse: Friday the 13th part 3 series 1 Jason Figure (NECA)



Horror Warehouse (NECA) figure

I have received the “Friday the 13th part 3 series 1 Jason figure” from Horror Warehouse for review.  Really good collectible figures are very hard to come by these days.  Most have either unappealing packaging, horrible detail or a combination of the two.


Weapons include machete, axe, and spear gun. Jason stands approx 7.5″ tall and has over 25 points of articulation.


Still of Richard Brooker

NECA has always been the go to for horror collectibles, and this Jason figure really shows why.  The attention to detail is phenomenal.  The mask is removable and Jason’s face underneath looks true to the on screen makeup worn by Richard Brooker in 1982.  My experience with other horror figures, especially the bigger bodied guys, I have noticed that the shoulders and chest have been way too square, but in this case, the figure actually has a human shaped body.  All of I compared this figure to a still from part 3, and all of the colors are correct on the mask and the clothing.

Still of Richard Brooker without the mask

Still of Richard Brooker without the mask

The packaging is simple yet eye catching.  It is the standard action figure packaging with a card in the back, behind the figure with a wooded scene in red and black.  On the back of the packaging is a little synopsis of ‘Friday the 13th part III’.  If you are a collector, like me, and you do not take your figures out of the packaging, don’t worry, Jason is not going anywhere.  The figure and all of the weapons are securely held into place by a series of wire ties.

Horror collectibles tend to be a bit on the pricey side, but Horror Warehouse is offering this and the variant version of this figure for £14.99 ($24.63).  This is a great price if you keep in mind that this is a NECA figure and that Richard

Both versions of this figure available at Horror Warehouse

Both versions of this figure available at Horror Warehouse

Brooker is no longer with us.

To buy this figure, CLICK HERE

To buy the bloody/damaged variant of this figure, CLICK HERE

To keep up with Horror Warehouse, be sure to like their Facebook page and follow them on twitter.


Interview with Collin Major of Crimson Mask Studios

I am a firm believer in supporting great indie artists.  I had the opportunity arose to interview Collin Major of Crimson Mask Studios, I had to take it.  Collin creates some of the most incredible Jason masks I have ever seen.


LBoH: What inspired you to start making masks?

Major: A few things have really inspired me throughout my life. I remember the first time I watched Friday The 13th part IV. The IMG_18072488714009character of Tommy Jarvis had all these bad assistance monster masks he made and for some reason that always stuck with me. I also remember ready a few kids worked on Evil Dead II (one of my all time favorite films) and eventually started there own company KNB Effects. I just always just wanted to make monsters is some g or another. My other inspiration comes from my beast friend Shaun Luu who sadly passed away from brain cancer at the age of 22. He was a huge horror fan and we used to spend countless hours together watching and discussing our favorite horror films. His death really effected me, it kind of gave me the push to leave the comfort of my hometown Syracuse N.Y. and venture off the Pittsburgh to attend Tom Savini’s Makeup Effects School.

LBoH: How did you come up with the name “Crimson Mask Studios”?

Major: I am a huge pro-wrestling fan. The term “Crimson Mask” is wrestling slang for when a wrestler has cut or bladed his forehead and is bleeding all over his face. Hence, he’s wearing a crimson mask. It’s my way of sneaking my love of wrestling into my mask company.

LBoH: How long have you been making masks?

Major: I have only been making masks for a few years but I have been making monsters my whole life. Be it art, or sculptures, makeup, movies and even short stories. I’ve always been a very creative person. Id go crazy if I couldn’t create.

LBoH: What was your first creation?

Major: My first real creation was an animatronic prop from the film Hellboy. Its the mummy from the graveyard scene in the film. I sculpted it, made a foam latex skin that I painted and I even made and fabricated all of the animatronic servos inside. In the end it could talk, blink, move his eyebrows, and cough dust. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever made but extremely rewarding.

LBoH: What materials are your masks typically made of?

Major: All my masks are made of super deluxe latex. And my Jason masks are made of resign or fiberglass. Fiberglass is better buy more expensive because it takes forever to make.

LBoH: Which mask takes the longest for you to produce?

 Major: My Frankenstein mask is huge and it takes allot of latex to make.

LBoH: How many custom orders do you get a month?

IMG_7466970718393Major: I get asked to do a ton of custom orders but rarely do no get to make them. People don’t understand that for me to make a custom mask it costs allot. I have to sculpt it from scratch, mold it and make one copy. I have to spend allot of money to produce one mask. The reason I can keep my retail price so low is that I can make multiple masks and they eventually pay off the initial cost.

LBoH: What are your standard rates for a custom piece?

Major: They all usually start at between 175$ to 350$. It all depends on the size and design.

LBoH: Have you ever taken your work to a horror convention?

 Major: I have only once.  The Syracuse Horror and Scifi Garage sale in Upstate NY. I have big plans to start traveling to conventions.

LBoH: What are your future plans for Crimson Mask Studios?

Major: Our future plans are to first start attending more conventions. Possible hore an intern. Were a onenman operation and its been getting busy in the studio haha I would also like to produce allot more latex masks this year. 2013 we only made 2 and in 2014 we want to triple that. I also have plans to make Jason mask that I’ve never seen made before. I’m most excited about that, I have a feeling once we release that to the public it’d going yo change everything for us in a really positive way.


To order a pre-made or one of a kind piece from Crimson Mask Studios, CLICK HERE.

 Be sure to like Crimson Mask Studios on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more info.

My Top 30 Horror Villains

tumblr_mvjcm7Hd6Z1qln00mo1_500Without a villain, horror films would not be nearly as memorable. Here is my list of the top 30 villains in horror.

1) Victor Crowley (Hatchet)

2) Michael Myers (Halloween)

3) Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street)

4) Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

5) Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

6) Pinhead (Hellraiser)

7) Candyman (Candyman)

8) Chucky (Child’s Play)

9) Jack Torrance (The Shinning)

10) Captain Spaulding (House of 1000 Corpses & The Devil’s Rejects)

11) Pennywise (IT)

12) Otis Driftwood (House of 1000 Corpses & The Devil’s Rejects)

13) Pamela Voorhees (Friday the 13th)

14) Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)

15) Baby Firefly (House of 1000 Corpses & The Devil’s Rejects)

16) Hannibal Lecter (The Silence of the Lambs)

17) Damien Thorn (The Omen)

18) Ghost Face (Scream)

19) Chop Top (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2)

20) Norman Bates (Psycho)

21) The Thing (The Thing)

22) Jigsaw (Saw)

23) The Alien Queen (Alien)

24) ChromeSkull (Laid To Rest)

25) The Creeper (Jeepers Creepers)

26) Angela Baker (Sleepaway Camp)

27) Isaac Chroner (Children of the Corn)

28) Julia Cotton (Hellraiser)

29) Billy (Silent Night, Deadly Night)

30) Alissa (Blood Night: The Legend of Bloody Mary)

13th Installment of the ‘Friday the 13th’ Franchise Set for March 2015

friday_the_13th-6Paramount is looking to launch the 13th installment of the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise, but will it live up to the previous 12 films?

There has been a lot of talk about the new film being a ‘Blair Witch’ style found footage film.  Most of the films I have seen in this format have been complete train wrecks. I would hate to see one of my favorite franchises be disgraced by a found footage film and from what I have seen on social media outlets, I am not alone.

This will be the 4th film in the ‘Friday the 13th’ since the turn of the century being proceeded by ‘Jason X’, ‘Freddy vs Jason’ and the 2009 ‘Friday the 13th’ reboot.  All of which were great additions to the franchise. I am all for a new addition, but I’m not sure what Paramount is offering is going to be good enough to stand with the previous 12 films.

The biggest question from fans, who will be behind the mask?  Has yet to be determined.  There have been no casting announcements made for the film.  I personally would love to see the return of the most intimidating Jason in franchise history, Kane Hodder, make his return as the machete wielding slasher.  Kane has not dawned the mask since ‘Jason X’ and has since moved on to play a new villain, Victor Crowley, in Adam Green’s ‘Hatchet’ series.  If not Kane, I would not mind seeing Derek Mears from the 2009 reboot come back.  Unfortunately, if changes aren’t made with the direction they are planning to take the film, a big name in horror will not be enough to save the film.

Nothing has been slated in stone for the 13th installment just yet.  The only thing I have been hearing consistently is the March 13th, 2015 release date.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the proper changes are made and fans get a film they can be proud of and this amazing franchise will live on with the dignity it has had since 1980.

Kane Hodder: The Fan Favorite Jason

I recently conducted a poll to find out which actor was the better Jason Voorhees, and the results were clear.  With 71% of the vote was Kane Hodder.  As promised I am doing an article on Kane.


Photo Credit: fridaythe13thfranchise.com

Kane portrayed Voorhees in Friday the 13th part 7-Jason X.  Hodder was replaced by Ken Kirzinger for Freddy vs Jason and Derek Mears in the 2009 installment of Friday the 13th.  Hodder has openly said that he has no idea why he was replaced, and that he would love to reprise the role of one of the most notorious slashers in horror history.

images (1)

Kane was the first actor to play Jason more than once.  He was asked to play Jason in 2003′s Freddy vs Jason, but was later replaced by Kirzinger.  Hodder is also the first actor to play a slasher and a victim.  In Jason Goes To Hell, Kane is not only Jason, but he is a hospital guard and Freddy Krueger’s gloved hand at the closing sequence (which spawned the Freddy vs Jason craze).

Kane has been a professional stuntman since the 1980′s. He was severally burnt in a stunt mishap in 1980.  His arms and hands took the brunt of the damage (this is why he often times wears gloves).   He has done all of his own stunts and did stunts as Leatherface in 1990′s film Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III.  For a full list of his stunt work check out his Wikipedia and IMDB pages.


Kane Hodder is an avid poker player and has competed in several celebrity poker tournaments.  He is also openly a “Juggalo” and fan of the group ICP.  He wears a custom “hatchetman” necklace with the “hatchetman” holding a machete.  He as the word “KILL!” tattooed on the inside of his lower lip.

Because of his burns, Kane spends a lot of time with children in burn units.  He is a part of a charity call “Scares that Care”.  Kane is married with two sons of his own.

He is part of a paranormal research team called Hollywood Ghost Hunters.

Kane wrote a book called “UNMASKED True Life Story of The World’s Most Prolific Cinematic Killer” .  For more information on the book, visit his official website.


I know I sure hope to see Kane reprise the role of Jason Voorhees again soon.  To me, he was the scariest Jason ever.  His natural ability to be frightening is incredible.  Maybe if enough people start letting the ones involved in the new Friday the 13th movie know who we want to see, maybe they will listen.


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