Video Game Review: The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

The Walking Dead is no stranger to the world of video games. From Telltale’s groundbreaking The Walking Dead: Season One to Activision’s less-than-stellar Survival Instinct, the series’ appeal has spread through genres like a zombie plague through Atlanta. It was only a matter of time until the series took a bite out of the free-to-play mobile genre, but luckily developer Scopely has managed to keep the series’ dark appeal intact for what might be the deepest Walking Dead game yet – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.


For those who don’t know, The Walking Dead began as a humble comic book series, before bursting onto the scene with a smash hit television show and a series of video game spinoffs. The TV show and the comics diverge in points, but feature many of the same core characters and key plot areas. Those characters make occasional appearances in Road to Survival – including a noteworthy appearance by Lee and Clementine from Telltale’s adventure games – but the core storyline is original, and focuses on placing you in the violent throes of a world slowly disintegrating from infection.

The focus on a mature, violent story separates Road to Survival from the crowd of free-to-play games on mobile. There’s a deep storyline, which players can exert direct control over through multiple choice prompts. You might be asked whether to spare a survivor or let them die, for example, and your choice will color the rest of the story.


At its core, Road to Survival is a role-playing adventure game, so as you progress you’ll find yourself collecting more survivors for your party. Each survivor has unique skills, strengths and weaknesses to take into account when you battle. Fights play out against both human and zombie (called walkers, in the parlance of The Walking Dead) enemies. You make your choices in a turn-based fashion, but the intensely strategic nature of the fights means that there’s never a lack of tension during battle. Each character’s unique power adds a dash of aggression to the combat, keeping you on your toes.

Of course, all of the survivors you’re collecting need space. As you expand your party, you’ll also need to expand your base of operations. You’ll build homes to store your survivors, expand your Town Hall to grow your town, and more. The strategic, low-tempo base building is the perfect counterpoint to the intense combat and heavy decision making in the story.


It’s a great mix, and all things considered I had a fantastic time with Road to Survival. The blend of storytelling and intense combat makes it a surefire hit for fans of The Walking Dead and role-playing games alike.


Theatrical Scamp Band – Fable Cry – “Dead or Alive (For Now)” Video: Hauntingly Beautiful

In the world of horror and all things spooky, the sounds we hear are just as important as the sights we see. Theatrical scamp band Fable Cry understands how to turn the creepy thoughts in out heads into beautiful pieces of musical art. 

11218458_856040324444777_6714262023823326203_nTheir newest album- We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are – is reminiscent of composer Danny Elfman’s score for the Time Burton masterpiece, A Nightmare Before Christmas with a dash of Alice Cooper genius. Fable Cry has released a video for the album’s single – “Dead or Alive (For Now)” – and it is fantastic. If you are looking for something dark and beautiful with just the right amount of creep, this video is just what you need. 

Without further ado, here is the visually stunning, ear pleasing video for “Dead or Alive (For Now)“:

Like what you hear? You can purchase the above song and the rest of We’ll Show You Where the Monsters Are at

To see more spooky videos from Fable Cry, be sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Keep up with the band by visiting, liking their Facebook page and by following them at @FableCry on twitter. 







Diary of a Horror Nerd Video Project

Hello Horror Nerds! I want to include all of you in a new video project that I am going to be working on. Horror fans face a lot of stigma and I want to show the world how awesome horror fans really are. If you are interested in being a part of Project Horror Nerd, keep reading.

What is Project Horror Nerd?

Project Horror Nerd will be made up of video clips (episodes) made by fans from around the world answering 4 simple questions. 

  1. What got you into horror?
  2. Why do you love horror?
  3. How has horror impacted your life?
  4. What do you think the world needs to know about horror fans?

It doesn’t matter if you have been a horror fan since birth or are new to the world of gore, we want you to be a part of it. 

There is no time limit for the videos, if you are unsure about how to do your video, you can check out episodes that others have made HERE.

How do I get involved?

It’s quite simple, just make a video clip that includes an introduction to yourself (name, where you live and any other info you’d like to give about yourself) followed by your answers to the above question.

If you are uncomfortable with making a video clip, you can also submit a photo of yourself along with a sound clip of your intro and answers. We really want to include as many of you awesome horror nerds as possible. You don’t need a fancy camera set up, you can simply use your phone; you can have someone record you or you can record yourself (video selfie), whatever you are comfortable with. 


Where do I submit my clip?

Once you have completed your clip, simply email it to with “Project Horror Nerd” in the subject line.

We look forward to seeing all of your clips and letting the world know how awesome horror fans really are.


Book Review: Frankenstein Or, The Modern Prometheus

Like many of you, I am a fan of the classics, and the story of Frankenstein is in the top 2 of my favorites. The folks at Dover Publications were kind enough to send me their new hardcover of Frankenstein to review for you. We are all aware of the story of Frankenstein; the horror classic that has spawned countless films, merchandise and retellings, so with this book review, I won’t be reviewing the story, I will be reviewing the artwork, but first, a bit of information on this beautiful book.

As previously mentioned, this is a hardcover book. Frankenstein boasts 240 pages of art and literary magic. As with all other hardcover books, the price is a little higher than a paperback ($40). Given the artwork and the overall size of the book, this is not a bad price at all. Now on to the review of the stunning artwork inside of the book.

Frankenstein was written originally by Mary Shelley, but this rendition is accompanied by stunning artwork by noted Disney artist Nino Carbé. If you are a fan of classic artwork, this book is perfect for you; it combines pen-and-ink, black and white images with brilliant full-color paintings. The illustrations add depth to the already phenomenal story. 

The images included are not tiny pictures, they are full page (some are even two pages). I know what you’re thinking, “but they were done by a Disney artist, so they must be very cartoony, right?”, wrong. They remind me of old-time Gothic paintings, they are dark yet sophisticated. I have never seen a more perfectly illustrated version of one of my favorite stories. Take a look at some of the artwork below and see for yourself.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are looking to add to your collection, and you want a real statement piece, this is the book for you. If $40 seems like a lot for a book to you, use the code WABG and you will receive 25% off (code good until 7/15/16). Pick up your very own copy at




Human Connection: ‘The Fourth Door’ go90 Relaunch

*Disclaimer: I have been hired by New Form Digital to raise awareness for The Fourth Door on go90*

T4D Instagram Square.png

As individuals we are concerned with everything from our looks to the perceptions that others make of use. We have basic fears, but once we make a connection or a bond with another human being, our fears and protective instincts escalate to a point that we did not know was even possible.  

Be it you fall in love, become a parent or just share a strong connection with a friend, your own safety means nothing if that person is in trouble; you would do anything to protect them from any threat posed against them. In The Fourth Door, Lain feels such a strong bond with adult Collin that she falls in love with him almost instantly, and once thrown into limbo, she encounters young Collin and that bond that she shared with him carries over. Lain is willing to throw her own safety out the window to ensure that no harm comes to Collin.

We become whole once we can set aside our own wants and fears for another person. Our lives become more fulfilled and we feel more important when we know that someone else needs us the way that we need them. 

Want to know more about The Fourth Door? Simply download the FREE go90 app (available on both Android and iOs). Once you download the app, simply search The Fourth Door and all 12 episodes are available for you to watch on your own time 100% FREE.

‘The Fourth Door’: Overcoming Fear To Protect the One You Love

*Disclaimer: I have been hired by New Form Digital to raise awareness for The Fourth Door on go90.*

T4D Facebook

Fear is a paralyzing thing; as children, we fear the small things like spiders, the dark and math class, but as adults, our fears grow to a grander scale. We are afraid of things like death, rejection and most of all, losing someone we love, but sometimes we must overcome our fears no matter how great they are to ensure the safety of those we hold closest to our hearts. In The Fourth Door, that is just what Lain must do. 

Memories of a past trauma can make overcoming fears nearly impossible, but once you learn to separate the memories from the reality making decisions becomes a whole lot easier and suddenly the fears that once haunted you aren’t so bad. In The Fourth Door, Lain must overcome her fear of losing a loved one and letting go of the control to rescue the one she loves – Collin – from the king of Limbo, Raef. She must first learn to separate the memories that Collin has projected from the reality that surrounds her to make her mission possible.   

To learn more about The Fourth Door, visit Follow the links below to watch the first four episodes 100% FREE via YouTube.

Episode 1         Episode 2      Episode 3       Episode 4

Clowning Around with Terror Threads (T-Shirt Review)


We horror fans take our t-shirts very seriously; we want unique, gore and well, awesome. Stores in the mall bog us down with the popular, “trendy” pieces that don’t really fit out horror loving taste. So what is a person to do when looking for that perfect horror t-shirt? Simple, check out Terror ThreadsThe spooky folks at Terror Threads were kind enough to send us a couple of t-shirts to review, and the first one up for review is their Clowning Around t-shirt

Artwork for t-shirt by Toto6

We may love our gore, but we still love a soft, comfortable t-shirt (we’re not monsters), and Terror Threads provides just that. Their t-shirts are made of soft combed ring-spun cotton. They are form-fitting without being over clingy and unflattering. The material of the shirt only gets softer and more comfortable over time each time you wash it.

Screenshot_2016-03-10-10-25-35-1The design is unlike any other because it is an original piece designed just for Terror Threads. The artist behind this incredible piece is Toto6. The artwork covers the majority of the front of the shirt. For only having a couple of colors, there are a lot of incredible details (the clown’s face, the wood and stitching on the puppet). The screen printing is done beautifully. It is not overly crisp, it moves with the shirt, and ladies, the design will adhere to your chest without distorting. This particular design is available on a unisex t-shirt in sizes x-small – 3XL. 

Purchasing one won’t leave your wallet empty. The Clowning Around t-shirt starts at just $22. Code LBOH10 will get you 10% off your purchase. To sweeten the cauldron, if you spend $65 or more, shipping is FREE. Pick up this awesome t-shirt HERE.

All in all, this is a must have for your horror t-shirt collection. Terror Threads is sure to become a name that all horror fans know.

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Terror Threads has put out a limited edition design “Lucky McKilly” design inspired by one of my favorite, campy films. Pick yours up before they are gone!


For design alerts and exclusive details, be sure to like the Terror Threads Facebook Page, follow @Terror_Threads on twitter and @terrorthreads on Instagram.


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