Michael Rooker: Giving Bullying the Bird

Michael Rooker is known for, shall we be blunt, playing the asshole or bully part, but he is far from that.  He is now a part of Friend Movement THENEWFWORD. This is a campaign that has been designed to help raise awareness about bullying and putting a stop to it

A little information:  The New F Word Campaign was started by Ronnie Kroell and Elliot London to help bring empowerment to the victims of bullying.  It is an edgy photo campaign that uses the “bird” to help get the point across.  They need some help from you guys to help reach their goal of 10,000 photos in 90 days across 40 cities.

Mr. Rooker is joined by the likes of Tim Gunn, Richard Simmons, Lance Bass and Lizzie Velasquez.  Below I will link the video from Elliot London’s YouTube channel where you can get the entire story on this new, empowering campaign.  If you are currently being or have ever been bullied or you just want to help put an end to such a terrible thing, click the link below to learn more.

YouTube: The New F Word

Website: FriendMovement


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