Django Unchained



I know I’m late to this party as well and this is not a horror movie, but it is worthy of all the publicity is has gotten and is still currently getting.

Quentin Tarantino definitely created a hit with Django Unchained.  I am normally not a fan of Westerns/Cowboy movies, but this is one that I have fallen in love with and have watched multiple times.  Everything from the casting all the way down to the highly controversial time period it is set in is without a doubt genius and worthy of every award it could possibly receive.

Jamie Fox is amazing as lead man Django.  His attitude, looks and charm are the perfect recipe for a badass cowboy.  Fox is a natural and 100% believable as a vengeance seeking bounty hunter.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the perfect antagonist playing the part of Calvin Candie.  I loved seeing DiCaprio out of his usual handsome/romantic type role.  His portrayal of the despicable bad guy was nothing short of genius.

The gorgeous Kerry Washington played Django’s wife Broomhilda von Shaft.  Broomhilda works on Calvin Candie’s plantation.  Washington is fabulous as the strong,  beautiful damsel in distress.  She’s sassy yet vulnerable.

Christoph Waltz plays Dr. King Schultz, the man that buys Django’s freedom and helps him on his journey to rescue his wife.  Waltz is witty and plays a perfect bounty hunter.

Samuel L. Jackson is almost unrecognizable as Mr. Candie’s right hand man, Stephen.  He is his usual foul mouthed, badass self.  His makeup is almost as incredible as his acting.

Even if you are not a cowboy or Tarantino fan, Django Unchained is well worth the almost 3 hours.  I highly recommend this one.  Look for Django to become a classic.


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