Happy Birthday Jason Mewes: Bitten Review


Jason Mewes, best known as Jay of Jay and Silent Bob, turns 39 today.  This New Jersey native has had a long, hard journey in life, but he has turned it all around.


I recently watched his movie Bitten (also titled Vampire Apocalypse) and absolutely loved it.  In Bitten, Jason plays an EMT named Jack that is down on his luck with the ladies and meets a gorgeous girl named Danika (played by Erica Fox), but she has a secret.  She’s a blood crazed vampire.  It may be a horror-based movie, but there is no short of Jason being his usual comedic self.  Bitten was packed with comedy, love, blood, and sex.  

I was skeptical about watching this movie because I knew Jason could not play a role that did not involve being the king of funny.  I am  glad that I gave Bitten a chance.  I was right that he was going to be his same funny self, but the way that the comedy was blended with horror of having a crazy bloodsucking vampire living in his apartment was absolutely awesome.

If you are into horror blended with funny, then I definitely suggest giving Bitten a fair shot.  If you have Netflix, you can catch this flick on “instant watch”.  Amazon carries the DVD and Blu-Ray for fairly reasonable.  I will link some of the amazon listings for it below along with the IMDB page for Bitten.  So, since it is Mr. Mewes’ birthday, why not give it a shot?

IMDB: Bitten/Vampire Apocalypse



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