The Fall of Creativity and the Rise of the Remake

There has been a sad decline in the creativity of the horror genre.  We are seeing the fall of the creativity in original horror and the rise of the remake.  While remakes are fine every once in a while, the remake craze has become borderline ridiculous.  Everything has or is getting a “reboot” today.


I know sometimes remakes are a necessity, like when Stephen King was unhappy with Jack Nicholson in 1980’s The Shining.  When an author or producer is unhappy with the first production, it is 100% okay to remake it.  When a movie has already become  a “classic”, it is a complete cop out to “re-imagine” the film.


Rob Zombie’s reboots of Halloween were still to a point original.  He took John Carpenter’s original idea and elaborated on it with more of an incite into why Michael became a killer.


With 2009’s “remake” of Friday the 13th,  I was not completely irritated by it.  They did not really “remake” the film, but I think it should have been more of an extension of the series and not called a remake.  The vast majority of this film was original work, and the only remake aspect of it, in my opinion, was the concept.  Most of the films in this series however were based on the same concept, a group of over sexed, drunk teenagers at a camp getting massacred by a machete wielding slasher.


One that really kind of pissed me off was 2010’s remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street.  While the script and cast of the film did not completely suck, the drastic change in Freddy was kind of insulting to the fans of the original.  Jackie Earle Haley was okay in the role, but he will never play Freddy like Robert Englund.  The face of Freddy Krueger has always been one of the most recognizable faces of horror and to, how do I put this delicately, butcher such an iconic look was a real slap in the face the the fans of the classic series.


2013 brought us the remake of Evil Dead.  I was fairly pleased with this one.  A lot of people are complaining about it because Bruce Campbell was not in it, but what some do not know is that Mr. Campbell was on the production team for this film.  Jane Levy was incredible in filling Campbell’s shoes.  I do look  forward to more installments of the new Evil Dead series.


One that I know many people will argue with me about is this years “extension” of  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.  While I am a huge fan of Bill Moseley, I was not a fan of this film.  I watched it once and within the first 15 minutes was already scratching my head.  Texas Chainsaw 3D was supposed to pick up where the 1973 original left off.  What I don’t understand is the complete disregard for the timeline of the events.  The original took place in the 70’s and they went with that, but  Alexandra Daddario’s character, Heather, was supposed to be the baby that was taken from the Sawyer house after the crimes were discovered which is an okay concept.  However explain to me how we go from 1973 and fast-forward 20 years, which would make it 1993, and people are driving 2011 and 2012 vehicles and using iPhones?  Okay movie magic whatever, but a little bit of date accuracy would be nice.  They should have left this franchise well enough alone.


Moral of the story is, don’t be a sellout and take the easy road of making a movie that has already been done.  If you want to impress horror fans, make an ORIGINAL movie.  I know I would much rather see a poorly produced original than a regurgitation of a classic that has already been done.  Why risk pissing off an already cult-like fan base by doing a terrible remake instead of potentially creating your own following with a new potential classic?




One thought on “The Fall of Creativity and the Rise of the Remake”

  1. I have to agree with you on this but I also have to confess I have only seen the originals of most of these for the very facts that you point out. I loved the originals and didn’t want any remakes to spoil them. I also feel they just use the fact they were so popular back then to try and make a fast buck in difficult finacial times and not put any real effort into them. Heres a great movie, lets just jiggle it about a bit and we’ll make a killing (another bad pun!)

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