Easy Canvas Prints 16×20 Review

I was recently approached by Easy Canvas Prints to do a review of one of their 16×20 Canvases.


I was offered a free 16×20 canvas for a review.  I got to choose one of my own photos for printing.  The ordering process was fast and simple.  The entire process from order to delivery was about 2 weeks.  I placed my order on June 20th and received my canvas today (July 2nd).

Let’s start with the selection process.  You can select photos from your computer, Facebook or Instagram.  After you choose and upload your photo, Easy Canvas Prints has a scale that tells you the quality of the selected photo for the size canvas you are ordering.

When ordering something as delicate as a canvas print, I was hoping they would package it well.  That they did.  The packaging was incredible and very durable.


The quality of the canvas itself is amazing.  The print quality is even better.  The print looks elegant and very professional.  The colors are vibrant.  The photo is not over stretched like what tends to happen with big enlargements.

The construction of the canvas’s frame is sturdy and very clean.  It is a basic wood frame and the canvas is stapled to.


I would definitely recommend Easy Canvas Prints to anyone that is looking for a beautiful, quality way to preserve their memories.

Like Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook and follow them on twitter to keep up to date on new sales and offers.

Order your canvas today!  You won’t regret it!


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