Horror Fanatic Challenge

The Horror Fanatic Challenge originated on Instagram.  It is a challenge for horror fans that spans over a 22 day period, but I decided to  bring it to my blog too.  I will list all 22 challenges and my answers.

Photo Credit: Fanpop
Photo Credit: Fanpop
  1. Your First Horror Movie: Mine was the original Halloween.  I watched in on HBO when I was about 6 or 7 and I have loved movies ever since.
  2. Last Horror Movie you seen in theaters: I last saw the Evil Dead remake.
  3. Favorite Classic Horror: Night of the Living Dead
  4. Horror movie you thought you’d love but hated: The Strangers.  Another case of the movie trailer showing all the good parts that would be in the movie.
  5. Favorite Horror Remake: I am not a remake fan, but I would have to say the remake of Evil Dead.
  6. Favorite Vampire Movie:  John Carpenter’s Vampires
  7. A horror movie you think no one else has seen: Strangeland
  8. Favorite Foreign Horror: Antibodies
  9. Favorite Supernatural Horror: Carrie
  10.  Horror movie everyone else loves but you hate: Texas Chainsaw 3D
  11. Favorite Comedy Horror: Bitten
  12. Most disturbing movie: Inkubus with Robert Englund and Joey Fatone
  13. Favorite Zombie Movie: Day of the Dead
  14. Favorite Indie Horror: Slither
  15. Favorite Monster Movie: Wolfman (2010)
  16. Horror Film with a great soundtrack: Hatchet
  17. Favorite 80’s horror movie: Friday the 13th pt 1
  18. Favorite black and white horror movie: Night of the Living Dead
  19. Best use of gore: Hatchet III
  20. Favorite Horror movie character: Freddy Krueger
  21. Best horror franchise: Halloween
  22. Best death scene: Glen in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Are you a big enough horror fanatic to take this challenge?


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