Atomic Cotton


I recently came across this awesome site for horror related t-shirts, Atomic Cotton.
article_atomic_cotton_contestHere is a quote from Erica of Atomic Cotton about the business:

“Well We are a husband and wife team and we have been printing shirts for around 5 years now.  Atomic Cotton started around 2 years ago.  We took a chance on a few designs hoping that they would be well received and they were. Erica does 99% of the art, we also support some of our fellow illustrators by printing a guest artist every now and again.  Zack prints every shirt by hand.  We love horror movies.  Love them.  We have been working closely with a few of the celebrities in the genera and have designed shirts for several of them.  We love working with independent studios, and film makers, and we are always keeping our eyes out for new and exciting projects, and are constantly working to bring new shirt designs to the fans.  Mostly because we are the fans and want the shirts that we make.”


has a lot of awesome shirts, but my favorite is their American Mary shirt.  I have looked all over for and American Mary shirt, but this is the only place I have been able to find one.  They also offer an awesome shirt with perhaps my favorite actor, Kane Hodder.  Their shirts are very much so one of a kind.  I have been to many sites looking for similar shirts, but they hit the nail on the head with their unique horror designs.

I think the thing I love the most about Atomic Cotton is that they are a husband and wife team.  I also love that they are fan driven and listen to what the fans want.  Not too many places will do that nowadays.  For these reasons alone I would recommend Atomic Cotton to any horror fan.

Their prices are very reasonable for the awesome designs they offer and all of the hard work that goes into creating each shirt.  The base price for the shirts is around $20, but like Erica said, Zack prints every shirt by hand.  It’s not like there is a huge machine mass producing these.  A lot  of work and dedication for only $20.

DanielleNot only is Atomic Cotton online, but they also have booths at conventions.   Click this link to view their —->convention schedule.  Be sure to visit them and show some appreciation for their dedication to the horror genre and their fans!

Make sure to visit Atomic Cotton’s official site and show them plenty of love on FacebookHitch

*All pictures are credit to Atomic Cotton*

*Quote provided by Erica K of Atomic Cotton*


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