Rotten Cotton Review : Girl’s Exorcist Tank Top


As many of you may know, I am a huge fan of Rotten Cotton and that they have the most badass horror t-shirts on the web.  I received the girl’s Exorcist tank top to review and I must say, it is awesome.

972T-Possessed-Girl-TankThe Rotten Cotton Exorcist tank top is comfortable and fits well.  The material is soft and very flattering on the female figure.  The straps are a good width and easily cover bra straps.  I love that this is a standard tank top and not spaghetti strap or racer-back.  It is very breathable and definitely good for those hot summer days.

The design of Rotten Cotton’s Exorcist tank top is completely badass!  It boasts the face a possessed Regan MacNeil in bold white covering almost the entire front of the tank top.  The design itself is very simplistic, but there is no doubt who is pictured on the front.  I wore it yesterday and everyone that seen it automatically knew who it was.  The screen printing is flawless. Absolutely no peeling at the edges and no cracking in the design.New Image

The girls’s tank tops at Rotten Cotton are awesome to say the least.  Hopefully they will begin carrying girl’s t-shirts eventually, but even if they don’t, their tank tops are a perfect fit for any lady trying to keep cool this summer

Be sure to like Rotten Cotton on Facebook and follow them on twitter for announcements and awesome news!

Also be sure to check out Rotten Cotton’s indiegogo campaign, “Black Devil Doll”!



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