Chillerama Review

chillerposterI am a huge fan of Adam Green and while looking through the movies on Netflix, I can across a film that Adam had a hand in writing and directing called Chillerama.

Chillerama was written by Adam Rifkin (“Wadzilla“), Tim Sullivan (“I Was A Teenage Werebear“), Adam Chillerama-02Green (“The Diary of Anne Frankenstein“) and Joe Lynch (“Zom-B-Movie“).  It was directed by Adam GreenTim SullivanJoe LynchAdam Rifkin and Bear McCreary (“I Don’t Want to Die a Virgin“).

Chillerama features sex, zombies, giant sperm and a Jewish Frankenstein.  It is definitely original and yes, a little cheesey, but what awesome B-movie isn’t a little cheesey?  I loved it though! It is the perfect combination of raunchy and funny.  Come on *SPOILER ALERT* Kane Hodder plays a Jewish Frankenstein and does jazz hands and dances around, PERFECT!

There are cameos by many of horror’s finest.  Adam GreenAdam RifkinRichard Riehle (The Messengers 2Hatchet), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th pt. 7-10 & the Hatchet series), R.A. Mihailoff (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3: LeatherfaceHatchet II), Ron Jeremy (yes, the porn king), Joel David Moore (Grandma’s BoyHatchet & Hatchet 4.-Diary-Of-Anne-Frankenstein-350x196358565_030III), Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween) and many more.

Chillerama is a movie inside of a movie, and generally this does not work, but in this case it does.

I would not recommend Chillerama to anyone that is super sensitive or gets offended easily.  This movie is for anyone that enjoys a dark, raunchy comedy.   Over all, I thought it was awesome, but I have a messed up sense of humor.  You should give it a watch for yourself and enjoy the WTFs and the laughter that will ensue.

Check out the trailer below!


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