Midnight Diner


As many of you know, I love to support independent projects.  I was approached about spreading the word about a new project called Midnight Diner.

What is Midnight Diner?

A hardboiled genre anthology with a Christian slant. No restrictions on God, no restrictions on reality. Didactic preachy works are dismissed unceremoniously; we’re looking for high quality works that are uncompromising in craft, content, and quality.

Like many independent projects, Midnight Diner needs a bit of help getting off the ground.  They could use some help with funding.  You can help Midnight Diner by going to their indiegogo campaign and donating.  Just like all other indiegogo campaigns, there are perks for every donation amount.  There are 13 days left to fund Midnight Diner.  Their goal is $2,500.

If you can not donate, but you are an advocate of original independent projects,  you can help spread the word of about Midnight Diner by liking their Facebook page, visiting and sharing their official website, and of course spreading around their indigogo campaign.

*All links are functional and take you to their designated sites*


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