Movie Review: Standards of Living (First feature length film to be filmed on an iPad)

SOL-POSTERWhen the majority of us think about movie production, we think lots of cameras and high-tech setups, but can a quality film be made on something  as simple as an iPad 2?  The answer is yes!  ‘Standards of Living‘ is living proof that you don’t need a multi-million dollar camera to make a quality film.

Standards of Living‘ was written and directed by Aaron Mento and presented by Ocular Migraine Films.  The run time is 1 hour and 28 minutes and is the first feature length film to be filmed on an iPad.


Peter Sayer is an awful stand up comedian who desperately wants to be funny. One night, after Peter bombs on stage, a mysterious man named Mr. Randall offers him a unique opportunity. Mr. Randall reveals that he has the power to make things disappear, and when he makes them reappear they are “improved.” A bent nail becomes straight, a tarnished coin becomes polished, and an empty saltshaker comes back full of salt. But Mr. Randall wants to make a human disappear…to find out where these objects go, and why they come back improved. Peter volunteers to “disappear” with the hope that he will come back funnier…but the bizarre truth about Mr. Randall’s powers is no laughing matter.


Standards of Living‘ was conceptually a great film and very well written.  The character of Peter was someone that you could really feel for. SOL - Peter (1) He dreamed of being a stand up comic, but sucked at it and was completely tormented by the audiences he performed for.  The cast were all great.  The “Stranger” reminded me a bit of a younger Robert Englund.

There were a lot of great aspects to the film, mystery, alternate universes, deception and a few moments of humor.  The makeup and effects in the film were also very well done.  Mr. Randall’s nasty wounds were quite grotesque but looked very real.

The one thing that worried me about this film was that it was shot on an iPad, so what Shooting with the iPadwould the video quality be like?  Well it was fantastic.  No graininess to the video at all.  The audio was a bit off from time to time, but that could have been my connection.

The editing was spectacular.  There were no obvious edit points and the film moved along seamlessly.

Over all, this was a very entertaining film.  I can see ‘Standards of Living‘doing very well and gaining quite the following.  I am a sucker for indie films and highly recommend ‘Standards of Living‘ to all you indie fans that appreciate a creative piece of work.

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To watch the film, CLICK HERE

Here is the teaser trailer for ‘Standards of Living‘ via the Ocular Migraine Films YouTube:

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