Movie Review: ‘7th Day’

7thDayPosterSerial killer films have intrigued us all for decades.  Sadly, as of late, a lot of serial killer style films have tried and failed to scare and captivate audiences.  I was given the opportunity to review a new serial killer/extreme horror film from Dire Wit Films called ‘7th Day’.  Directed by Jason Koch of Aftermath Effects Studio (Return to Nuke ‘Em High, V/H/S 2).


A pervert, murderer, and hopeless romantic, Allen Dean (Mark Sanders) is on a 7-day journey to discovery his real true love. He is torn between Denise the waitress, who he believes he loves, and his first true love, murder.

‘7th Day’ has brought hope for serial killer films back.  It is creepy and suspenseful.  Like any good horror film, ‘7th Day’ exploits real fears and depicts a series of events that could really happen.  I really enjoyed that the horror was not all gore and killing, but there was a great dose of psychological thriller mixed in. The concept is fantastic.  The script is very well written.

Mark S. Sanders played an incredible serial killer.  His emotions were completely natural.  His portrayal of Allen was twisted yet sympathetic.  The way he “needed” to kill reminded me of a more mentally disturbed Dexter, without the code and killing the innocent instead of the guilty.

The end was very open, I hope there will be a second installment to tie up loose ends from this film.

I would highly recommend ‘7th Day’ to anyone that enjoys a serial killer film that really makes you think.  If you are into films that seamlessly combine murder and a psychological thrill ride, this film is for you.

Closing opinions: creepy, twisted and disturbing

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