The Milk Club: Independent clothing brand based in South Wales

1722922_278531112299901_934227002_nI have always been a supporter of the indie scene whether it be music, movies or brands. When I was contacted by a reader that is trying to start up his own clothing brand, I of course wanted to help spread the word for him. His up and coming brand is called “The Milk Club”.

The Milk Club is an independent clothing brand based in South Wales. We are chunk teestill in our infant stage but hope to grow through the quality and passion we inject. The launch is on target for April with the finer details being ironed out in the coming months. 

The brand is rooted in contemporary digital illustration and design centred around the stuff we like and with hope the stuff you might like as well. Creating only original artwork currently produced by the often warped mind of one individual, in time The Milk Club intends to bring you a diverse range of screen printed tee’s and some other tasty treats.

street trash teeTheir first t-shirt is due out in April. It will be a horror style play on the ever so popular “truffle shuffle” from the iconic 80’s film, ‘The Goonies’. There will also be a t-shirt inspired by ‘Street Trash’. Each design will be limited to 50 t-shirts. Each t-shirt also has its own video to accompany the release (below).

Truffle Shuffle Video- CLICK HERE

Street Trash Video- CLICK HERE

The Milk Club website is nearing completion. Until the site is fully up and running, be sure to like The Milk Club on Facebook and follow them on twitter and Instagram (@clubmilky) for more updates and to help support a great up and coming business.


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