BigtimeTeez Review: Custom T-Shirts


Your-Design-Here-400x400The internet is full of custom t-shirt sites nowadays, but most of them require an insanely high number of t-shirts in an order and still cannot offer a very reasonable deal. BigtimeTeez not only offers their original funny t-shirt designs, but now you can create your own design.

I own two custom t-shirts from BigtimeTeez that my husband and I designed. The quality is DSCF9854amazing. I have gotten custom t-shirts made by other sites in the past and have been really jaded by the quality of the t-shirts and the printing. BigtimeTeez prints custom orders on the same quality t-shirts that they print their designs on, so don’t worry about a terrible fit or bad materials.

Both t-shirts were printed using vinyl, and the quality and overall feel of the design is the best I have seen. The print is soft to the touch, does not bunch up and is pressed onto the t-shirt flawlessly.

DSCF9726Just like their funny t-shirts, BigtimeTeez offers every t-shirt style and size for your custom work. The best part is that you can order just one or two shirts and still not have to pay an arm and a leg to see your design come to life. I have absolutely zero complaints about the custom pieces I have received from them.

As previously mentioned, the collaborations that my husband and I did with BigtimeTeez are designs for Little Blog of  Horror t-shirts. You can pre-order the “Sons of Voorhees” and or the “Horror Isn’t Just For Guys” t-shirts HERE.


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