My Picks For Best Special Effects Makeup Artists on YouTube

With shows like syfy’s hit Face Off growing in popularity and the numbers of people interested in special effects makeup exploding, YouTube has been taken over by up and coming makeup artists offering up their skills and advice. I have personally filtered through the masses of YouTube “gurus” and have found my favorites. Not only are they passionate about makeup, special effects and putting out how to videos, they are also pretty awesome individuals. Below are 3 of my personal favorites that deserve the subscribers and viewer numbers that they have and then some.

LexAlexis Fleming

Alexis or Lex is best known on YouTube as Madeyewlook. She is a self-taught makeup artist, owner of MadeULook LLC and a Type 1 Diabetic. Lex started YouTube when she was just 19-years-old back in September of 2011. It is Halloween all year with this lovely lady. Not only does she put out tutorials on beauty and special effects makeup, she is also a very talented body painter and lends her advice to those that would like to do the same. She does not do a lot of work with prosthetics, she instead uses makeup and body paint to create the same illusions. She does themed looks for pretty much every season and holiday. She also has her own line of brushes and cosmetics. Lex is a real talent and true inspiration for many. To keep up with Lex and her work, subscribe to her YouTube, Madeyewlook, like her page,, follow her on twitter @MadeULookbyLex and Instagram @creativeboss. To pick up her brushes and other products, visit

An awesome Christmas time makeup by Lex

charlieCharlie Short

Charlie is best known as Pinkstylist on YouTube. He has been a member of the YouTube community since August of 2006. I came across his channel after watching one of Lex’s videos. Charlie is a phenomenal artist and you can tell he really puts a lot of passion and thought behind each and every one of the looks and videos he puts out. He is a wizard with appliances and DIY prosthetics. He has covered some pretty legendary looks from the horror, creepypasta and cinema world like Pennywise, Freddy Krueger, Greta the Gremlin all the way down to some newer film-inspired looks like the witches from Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters. Charlie is a fantastic instructor, he goes into great detail during each and every one of his tutorials. Not only does he put up mesmerizing tutorials, he also takes his finished looks onto the popular video chat site, Omegle to see what kind of reactions he can get. His personality is just as amazing as his makeup skills. To purchase prints of Charlie’s work and to get to know a bit more about him, be sure to visit For more of his work, subscribe to his YouTube Channel Pinkstylist, like him at, follow him on twitter (@Pink_Stylist) and Instagram (@pink_stylist).  

Charlie’s latest video

bunnyBunny Meyer

Bunny is best known on YouTube as grav3yardgirl. She Started posting videos in December of 2010 with her accounts of paranormal experiences and ghost hunting. She has since moved up in the YouTube community as a “beauty guru” doing mainly beauty looks, but she is a huge fan of Vincent Price and classic goth and horror which shines through in each of her videos. Every year around Halloween, she posts DIY costume ideas as well as creepy, beautiful makeup looks to accompany them. Bunny’s talent is not the only thing that puts her on this list, her personality is warm and inviting. She genuinely appreciates her fans and calls them her Swamp Family. Unlike may other YouTube personalities, she does not take herself too seriously and that makes her even more of a joy to watch. She is very crafty, you can pick up her Swap Family Tea Cups in her Etsy store. To see more of Bunny’s work, subscribe to her YouTube Channel grav3yardgirl. Also be sure to like her at and follow her on twitter (@grav3yardgirl) and Instagram (@grav3yardgirl). 

One of Bunny’s Halloween tutorials 

If you are like me and spend copious amounts of time on YouTube during the day, give these three a watch. If you come across more talent that you would like to share, feel free to leave a link to their channel in the comments below.


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